Backup + 40 % off lipsticks


After a little over three years, I’ve almost used up my MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, and since it is my absolute favourite eye shadow base/primer, I needed a backup. When I went onto MAC’s webshop to buy one, I saw that there was 40 % off on ‘goodbyes’ (products that is about to be discontinued I guess), so I picked up two more lipsticks from the Colour Rocker collection (I also have these three shades). I’ve been regretting not getting the shade Evening Buzz (the purple shade) when the collection first came out, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally add it to my collection. I also purchased the shade Digging it, because I didn’t have a dark brown lipstick, and it looked like such a nice shade of brown.


From my sister

Sort 'fleece' sweater m. lynlåse - Noisy MayMarineblå spidse 'herre'sko - ZaraPompomer fra Kathrine

My oldest younger sister and I often wear the same sizes in clothes. She recently cleaned out her closet and brought me and our other sister some things she didn’t want anymore. I picked two things; a super soft and cosy fleece-like jumper from the brand Noisy May and a pair of navy, pointy-toe shoes from Zara. I thought the jumper would be great for lounging around on a cold day, and I remember loving the shoes when my sister had them. She also brought me two pompom keyrings that she made herself. She is extremely creative and makes all sorts of things. She is going to make something else for me, which I’m really excited about and will be posting on the blog at some point.

Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection


In the beginning of August, I couldn’t resist the Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection any longer. I only purchased the two liquid lipsticks I wanted the most which are Calabasas and You. Better. Work. Calabasas is the pinky/rosy version of I’m Shook (which is one of my favourites), and it’s such a beautiful and very wearable colour. You. Better. Work. is exactly the kind of purple I’ve been wishing that Jeffree would make. It’s my favourite kind of purple, and it’s so gorgeous! He has a sale on his web page and on Beauty Bay right now if you should be interested in these shades or any other shades.

Haul of twos

Grå T-shirt m. Friends print - PrimarkMultifarvet strikket top m. statement ærmer - H&MGlitter + fishnet strømperSorte og hvide gingham loafers - River IslandLilla glimmer platform sandaler - H&M

I’ve accumulated some clothes and shoes over the past month, so I thought I would haul them. As you can see, I’ve got two tops, two pairs of socks, and two pairs of shoes to show you. The Friends T-shirt was a birthday present from one of my sisters. Friends is our favourite TV series and I really wanted a Friends themed T-shirt, so she bought this one for me when she was in England a couple of months ago. The second top is from H&M, and I found it on sale. I love the ruffled sleeves and the stripes. It’s just a very fun top. I’ve also bought another pair of glitter socks (light pink) and another pair of fishnet socks (black). I’ve mentioned it before, but I love cute or fun socks; they add a little extra something to an outfit. I’m very excited about both pairs of shoes. Especially the gingham loafers from River Island. I’d been wanting them for three months before I finally decided to buy them, and I love them! The purple glitter heels are from H&M, and they remind me of 70s disco. I wore them are a party last weekend, and they were so comfortable and a nice pop of colour.

Sable and sumptious olive


I got two more MAC eye shadows for my birthday, and my 15 pan palette is starting to look very nice. The shade in the top corner is Sable and it’s described as a gold-plum with bronze pearl and it’s a frost finish. I would say that it’s more of a brown shade than a gold-plum, but it’s beautiful either way. The shade in the bottom corner is Sumptious Olive and it’s described as a khaki with pearl and it’s a veluxe pearl finish. Most of my MAC eye shadows are either frost or veluxe pearl shadows, and I love these two finishes. I love these two colours too, and I’m looking forward to play around with them some more.

5 favourites – August

I can’t believe that the last summer month will be over by tomorrow. We have had varied weather in Denmark this past month, but with a nice summer day here and there. I don’t mind that autumn is approaching though; that just means that we are getting closer to December and Christmas! But we still have a couple of autumn months to go through, and also a couple more favourites posts, so let’s start with some August favourites.

Lyseblå oversized denim jakke - H&M

Denim jacket: I’ve been loving this denim jacket since I started wearing it in the end of July. It goes with pretty much any outfit, and it’s been the perfect jacket for the warmer days we’ve had this past month.

Gosh neglelak i Sweet Rose

Gosh nail varnish (shade: 589 Sweet Rose): In the beginning of the month I wore this pink nail varnish two weeks in a row, and I absolutely loved it. I also wore pink nails another week this month, so I guess I’ve just been really into pink nails.

Bodum Travel Mug

Bodum travel mug: My birthday was in August and one of the things I got for my birthday was this travel mug. I had done some research on travel mugs (I knew I was going to spend a lot of time at uni writing my thesis), and this one was supposed to be one of the best ones, and it really is. It’s not leaking the slightest and it keeps the coffee warm for ages.


New Girl (TV series): I had thought about watching New Girl for a while, and I finally decided to give it a go in the beginning of the month, and I got hooked instantly. I finished the fifth season yesterday, and I’m really sad that there are no more seasons on Netflix at the moment. I don’t even know how to begin describing this show, but it’s so sweet and funny, and I absolutely love the characters. Every single one of them. So if you haven’t watched New Girl and you love sit coms, you should definitely give it shot.

It’s Time – Michael Bublé (album): Another birthday present I’ve been loving this month is this Michael Bublé album. I’ve been listening to it countless times, and it just makes me happy. I love all the songs on the album, and here’s just one of my favourites.

Second hand goodies

Belsac taske (second hand)Multifarvet mønstret skjorte - second handBordeaux T-shirt m. hjerter - second handBrun langærmet kjole m. prikker - second hand

As I mentioned a few days ago, I did some second hand shopping in July, and these are the pieces I found. I bought the bag in the beginning of July (so not on the day of second hand shopping), and I just really liked the colour and shape of it. The three pieces of clothing I did buy on my second hand shopping trip with my family. I’m loving the print on the shirt, and it’s the kind of item I love finding at a second hand store, because you just know it wasn’t made within the last 20 years. It has shoulder pads, and I think I’m going to keep them (at least for know). The top is from an existing Danish brand named Kaffe (which means coffee in Danish), and I just thought it was really cute with the heart print and the fact that it ties in the front. Lastly, the dress! This dress is so nice and 70s looking (I don’t know when it was made, but it wasn’t recently). I love the big collar and the brown colours, and there’s a tie for the waist to give it some shape. I’m so excited about styling these items.