Christmas/winter clothing haul

Grå cropped sweatshirt m. Mickey Mouse og julemotiver - H&MGrå sweatshirt m. Bambi - H&MBordeauxrød velor sweater - MonkiSort velour trøje m. guld glimmer - MonkiDSC_4335Rød beret fra genbrug

I have another clothing haul to show you. These are all pieces I bought last weekend. I went to buy a last Christmas present and a couple of these items, but I found a couple more things I liked. As you can see, I’ve added another Christmas jumper to my collection. I couldn’t resist the cropped Mickey Mouse Christmas jumper at H&M. It is so cute and so comfortable. I went in to H&M to find the Bambi jumper which is again so cute and so comfortable. When I saw the burgundy velvet jumper at Monki, I had to try it on, and it’s the most comfortable and cosy jumper I’ve ever worn! The black velvet top with gold shimmer is what I went in to Monki for, and it’s perfect for the Christmas season. Monki had a 3 for 2 deal on socks, and I love cute socks, so I got two stripy pairs and a Christmas pair. Lastly, I found the red beret which I wore with this outfit in a second hand store, and it’s a really great quality beret. I used to wear hats more often, and I really want to start doing that again.


Collective clothing haul

Sort rullekravetrøje - BoohooLyserød og hvid stribet trøje m. kirsebær print - H&MVinrød strop top m. v-udskæring - H&MVinrøde fløjlsbukser m. vide - H&M

I have a few clothing items to show you that I’ve collected over the past month or so. I didn’t own a simple, black roll neck top, so I ordered one from Boohoo on Asos. I’ll wear it on its own or underneath a cami top. I found the pink and white, stripy long sleeve top on sale on H&M’s website, and I had to have it. I love stripy tops and the colours and the little embroidered cherries are so cute. I bought the burgundy, shiny cami top at the same time as the stripy top, and I thought it would be perfect for a Christmas party. Especially layered on top of the black roll neck top. And last but not least, one of my favourite purchases in a long time; high-waisted, flared, deep burgundy, corduroy  trousers. In the beginning of October I started my hunt for a pair of corduroy trousers, and I actually saw these at H&M, but they only had one pair left and they were not in my size and no other H&M store had any left. So I went on the website, and I didn’t buy them until about a month ago when they were in stock in my size. They are exactly what I was looking for; super ’70s inspired and so gorgeous! My next post will be an outfit featuring these amazing trousers.

Winter accessories

Røde støvler m. chunky hæl - RaidSorte støvler m. blomster og kitten heel - H&MDSC_4000DSC_4301DSC_4307

I have a few new accessories I want to show you. It’s the season for wearing boots, so I bought two pairs of boots that fit in with this season’s trends; red boots and sock boots. The red boots are from a brand called Raid and I bought them on Asos. They have a bit of a ’60s vibe to them which I love. They are also perfect for the festive season. The floral sock boots are from H&M. They have a kitten heel which is a another trend at the moment, and you can style them in so many different ways. I also bought some more glitter socks, and these colours are very appropriate for this time of year. Lastly, I bought some jewellery on Asos. The bracelets are from Asos’ own brand and they are made of gold plated sterling silver. I’ve been wanting some dainty gold bracelets for a long time now, and these are really simple and pretty. I also bought some Kingsley Ryan sterling silver lightening blot earrings, and they are so cute.

Christmas clothing haul

Cremehvid fluffy sweater m. røde pallietter - VRSSort sweatshirt m. Mickey Mouse som julemand - AsosMørkerød sweater m. T-rex som juletræ - H&MLyserød T-shirt m. brune gingerbread men - MonkiDSC_3844DSC_4271DSC_4299

I’m so excited about this years Christmas clothing haul! I wanted to make this post in the end of November, but I was waiting for the T-shirt to arrive, and then I was lucky enough to get a few things on my gift advent calendar that my mum made for me, so I’m glad I waited. The first Christmas jumper I bought was the fluffy, white one. It’s from the supermarket brand VRS, and it says ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ in red sequins. I haven’t worn it yet, but I have some great styling ideas. The second jumper is from Asos, and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It combines two of my favourite things; Disney and Christmas. It’s actually a men’s jumper, so I got it in a size XS. I’m wearing it today, and I love it! The last of the jumpers is also a men’s jumper, but it had my name written all over it. It’s from H&M, and it has a T-rex dressed as a Christmas tree on it; a Tree rex. How genius is that! Oh, and it has bells as well and they jingle when you walk. So festive! As you can see, I also got a Christmas themed T-shirt this year. It’s from Monki, but it is an Asos exclusive. I love the gingerbread men print and the fact that it’s pink; not typically a Christmas colour, but it’s so cute. The three pairs of regular socks are also from Monki. I believe they are from last Christmas, because I bought them on sale in the beginning of October. I’m really looking forward to wear them; especially the ones in the middle with the baubles. And the last two items I got on my gift advent calendar. I got the cute Christmas penguin socks two days ago, and I got the hat yesterday. My mum knows how much I love Christmas, and these items are super cosy. I’ll be posting outfits featuring some of these items very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection


As the Jeffree Star Cosmetics fan I am, I was very excited about this years holiday collection. It’s called the Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection and it has the most beautiful packaging! Definitely my favourite packaging Jeffree Star has done so far. I usually buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics on, but the collection is not on the webside yet. I really wanted to make sure that I got a couple of products from the collection, so I bought these two lip products on the Danish wedside House of Stars. This webside did not have the entire collection, and there’s another Velour liquid lipstick I really want, and maybe one of the lip scrubs, so I hope that Beautybay gets the collection at some point. But let’s talk about the two beautiful lip products I already got.


First of all, the pink packaging with silver glitter and holographic writing makes my make-up loving heart skip a beat. I know it makes it hard to see the colour properly, but I will obviously post pictures of me wearing it at some point. The Velour liquid lipstick I purchased is called Poinsettia, and it’s a gorgeous metallic red. Perfect for the holiday season. I can’t wait to wear this shade!


I also bought my first ever Lip Ammunition, and the reason why I had to have it is because it is the ‘stick’ lipstick version of my favourite liquid lipstick, Redrum. This Lip Ammo has a satin finish and I hope I’ll love it as much as I love the liquid lipstick version.


Lastly, I just wanted to show you the cardboard packaging the lipsticks came in. They are holographic and I tried to capture it with my camera. So pretty!

MAC Snowball


Another year, another stunning MAC holiday collection. The collection this year is called the Snowball collection, and it has the most beautiful gold packaging and the powder products are embossed with snowflakes. So pretty!


For once I decided to buy on of the single eye shadows in the collection, because look how beautiful it is! It’s an Extra Dimension eye shadow in the shade Stylishly Merry which is described as a gold shimmer, but it has a stunning pink shift to it. It is very shimmery indeed and had quite a bit of fallout, but it looked beautiful. I think I’ll try it with Fix+ next time to see if that prevents the fallout.


I just had to have one of the Impalpable Glare powders/opalescent face powders, and I chose the gold one called Happy Go Dazzingly. It’s a super pretty, wearable gold shade, and the pigmentation is very nice. It’s not the most blinding highlighter in the world, but it looks beautiful on the skin.


And of course I had to get one of the lipsticks. I picked up the shade Shimmer & Spice which is described as a dusty rose with shimmer, and it is gorgeous! It has a frost finish, so it’s a little sheer, but if you fill in your lips with a lipliner and put this on top, you’ll get the most stunning shimmery lip.

Second hand shirts from Helsinki

Bordeauxrød skjorte m. blomster og vifter - second handLyserød, hvid og guld mønstret skjorte - second hand

When I was in Helsinki last month, I went second hand shopping and found these two beautiful shirts. I always look for colourful, patterned shirts, preferably with shoulder pads, and they are not the easiest to find in Denmark, but Helsinki had so many incredible second hand stores. I only travelled with hand luggage, so I wasn’t able to go crazy and buy a lot of things, but I’m very happy with these two pieces.