Jeffree Star Love Sick Velour liquid lipsticks


I’m always excited about new Jeffree Star Cosmetics collections, but the Love Sick collection has one of my favourite Velour liquid lipstick colour selections ever. I loved the colours so much that I had to buy all four shades. The shades are (from left to right): Romeo, Restraints, Problematic, and Self Control. My favourite one of bunch is Self Control; a beautiful lilac. I’ll be posting make-up looks featuring these lipsticks eventually.

Huge second hand haul pt. 1

I did quite a bit of second hand shopping last month; so much so that I decided to split the haul up into two parts. Pt. 1 is all tops, and pt. 2 is going to be bottoms and accessories (and one blazer because it is a part of a set).

Grøn rullekrave T-shirt - second handKoksgrå rullekrave trøje - second handLilla rullekrave trøje - second hand

One of the things, I always look for when I’m second hand shopping is roll neck tops. I thought the lime green roll neck T-shirt was fun and colourful, and I have so many ideas of how to style it. I found two thin knit roll neck tops; a dark grey and a bright purple. These are just great staples to have in my wardrobe.

Lilla sweater m. knapper - second handSort og hvid strikcardigan m. julebamser - second hand

Even though it’s March, it’s snowing in Denmark, and it’s cold too, so I also got a couple of jumpers. I got another purple one, and I love adding more purple to my wardrobe, since it is my favourite colour. And then my sister found the adorable Christmas jumper for me, and I’m looking forward to wearing it next Christmas.

Rød jakke m. guld detaljer - second handSort blazer - second hand

Another of my favourite things to look for in second hand stores is jackets. As you probably know by now, I’m obsessed with the colour red, and I couldn’t leave the red jacket behind. I also found an amazing black blazer with shoulder pads, and it fits so well. Stay tuned for pt. 2 of my second hand haul.

H&M January sale haul

Rød sweatshirt m. Mickey Mouse - H&MSort rullekravetrøje - H&MBeige ternet plisseret kort nederdel - H&MSorte slacks m. slidser og bindebånd - H&MMørkeblå kick flare jeans - H&M

I made another H&M-order in the January sale, and these are the items I purchased. I added another Disney top to my collection. I’m loving red at the moment, so I couldn’t leave the Mickey Mouse jumper behind. I also got another black roll neck top, because you can never have too many of those. I really want to add more skirts to my wardrobe, and this checked, pleated one is so cute. I’m wearing it today, and I’m loving it. I’m a huge fan of slacks/dress trousers, and these black ones are really nice. I know they’re difficult to see properly in the picture, but you’ll see them in an outfit post at some point. Lastly, I purchased another pair of kick flare jeans, but in a much darker wash. I’ve already worn them a lot, and they might be my new favourite jeans.

Sale accessories

Sorte støvler m. snørre og spænder - AsosDSC_4639DSC_4643DSC_4644DSC_4647

In the January sales, I bought some accessories on Asos. My old favourite flat black boots are practically falling apart, so I needed a new pair of flat boots, and I found these simple, suede lace up boots from Asos’ own brand. They’re really nice and looks great with so many different outfits. A belt is a great accessory, so I bought a red one with a silver western buckle from Asos’ own brand and a zebra print one from Pieces. I love both of them, and I’ve especially gotten a lot of use out of the zebra print one. Like many others, I’m very into red at the moment, and I didn’t own any red framed sunglasses. I also got a big grey scarf, because even though I’m longing for spring, it’s still very cold in Denmark, so scarfs are needed.

Hats (+ bag)


Between Christmas and New Year’s I went second hand shopping with my mum and sisters, and I found three hats and a bag. I used to wear hats fairly often, and I want to start wearing them again. I love the shape of the reddish brown one, and I can’t wait to style it. The beige one is very simple and cute, and the neutral colour makes it very versatile. I bought this red beret in the beginning of December, and now I’ve added a pink one to my hat collection as well. Besides the hats, I also found the baby blue bag. It has two flowers where you open it and a metal chain, and I thought it was very fun and pretty.


Sort dynejakke - H&MRød dynejakke - H&MBeige shearling fløjlsjakke - H&M

H&M has a great sale right now, and I took the opportunity to purchase some winter coats. All three of these coats have such good prices, and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of the black puffer jacket. I haven’t worn the red puffer jacket yet, but it was so inexpensive, and I just love the colour. I’ve been looking at the gorgeous oversized shearling corduroy coat before, but it was too expensive, but now that it’s on sale, I had to get it. I love it!

Christmas presents and more

Sort bæltetaskeDSC_4537DSC_4543MAC Ricepaper 3DSC_4551DSC_4547

Here’s some of my Christmas presents and a couple of advent calendar presents as well. I got the black leather belt bag on my gift advent calendar from my mum, and I’ve been wanting one for a while. I wear it crossbody, and it’s my new everyday bag. The ring is by the Danish jewellery designer Jane Kønig. It was on my wishlist for Christmas, and I love it. The dinosaur earrings are from a website called Lisa Angel, and they are adorable. The eye shadow is MAC Ricepaper, which was another advent calendar gift. It has already become a part of my everyday eye make-up routine. The blusher is MAC Peaches, which is the perfect peachy blusher. Lastly, I got another Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner. It’s in the shade Distortion, and it’s so pretty.