Four for the upper body

Sort sweatshirt m. gule bananer - H&MGrå sweatshirt - mbyMDenim mønstret ærmeløs skjorte - H&MDenim vest - Sisters Point

I love getting clothes from my sister that she doesn’t use anymore; it’s a nice way of saving some money. The last time I went home I got these four tops from her. I’ve already worn the banana sweatshirt, and I’ll post the outfit where I’m wearing it some other time. I’m wearing the grey sweatshirt right now, and at first I didn’t know whether I wanted it or not, because it’s quite wide, but I actually really like it. The sleeveless shirt is similar to one I already have, this one just has a pattern, and it’s perfect to wear underneath sweatshirts and sweater. I haven’t worn the denim vest yet, but I’m curious about coming up with different ways of styling it.

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