Maybe it’s Maybelline


I’ve been purchasing quite a few lip products lately (no surprise there), and here’s another two. I bought these when Maybelline still had the 30 % off deal, and on top of that they had a deal where you would get a free brush if you bought two products. The brush is a big, fluffy powder brush, as you can see, and it’s actually quite nice. And now on to the lip products. I’ve written about my obsession with the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in 210 Keep It Classy, so I decided to pick up another shade. I chose the one called 410 Fab Orange, and I think the name describes the colour very well:) I also picked up my first Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick which I’ve heard many good things about. I chose the colour 162 Feel Pink which is a very pretty, neutral pink, and I love it. After my past few shopping trips I have definitely opened my eyes to Maybelline lip products, and I’m impressed.

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