Hercules sandals and grey flatforms

Sorte gladiator sandaler - VagabondGrå creepers - Shoe Biz Copenhagen

I used to buy shoes way more often when I was in high school; when I was in England I only bought four pairs of shoes over 5 months. Maybe I’ve learned to control my urge to buy shoes, but when I came across a 2 for 1 shoe sale some weeks ago I couldn’t resist. My old black gladiater sandals needed to be replaced, and I’ve been looking for a pair like the ones in the first picture. They remind me of something the characters from Disney’s Hercules would wear and since Hercules is my favourite Disney movie I would love to wear something like that. For my second pair I picked some grey suede(ish) flatforms which I find perfect for everyday use. I love grey shoes (and clothing) and I’m sure these will look great with many different outfits. I got both pairs for 700 DKK (£74,54 – 93,89 € – $125,64).

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