Stormy vintage romance


I wrote in this post that my Sleek contouring and blush palette was my only Sleek product, but that is not the case anymore. I’ve heard good things about their eye shadow palettes as well, so I bought these two palettes a couple of weeks ago. There is a lot of Sleek palettes to choose from, but I chose the one called Storm and the one called Vintage Romance. I would say that the Storm palette is a neutral palette with a twist, because it has some pink, green, and blue shades as well as more neutral ones. The Vintage Romance palette has some gorgeous magenta/plum kind of shades and some different gold shades and is all in all a very beautiful palette. The pigmentation of these eye shadows is great, and the palettes are very affordable; only £8 (73,29 DKK – 9,82€ – $13,40) each. I’m very pleased with these palettes.

2 thoughts on “Stormy vintage romance

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