When I first saw these Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks I knew I wanted to try them out. You buy the eye shadows separately and then slide them together to create your own little (or big) eye shadow palette. They come in a large range of colours and different finishes as well. I decided not to buy some of the neutral shades and went for some more colourful ones instead. From left to right: Moss (which is a dusty moss green with a pearl finish), Plum (which is a matte plum), and Melon (which is a burned orange with a satin finish). As you can see, the names fit the colours well, but sadly the colours are not very pigmented at all. I’ve only tried them on a few times, but they are almost invisible on the skin which is really too bad, because the colours are really pretty otherwise. They are quite dry as well and not very easy to blend. If I have to choose one that works best after all, it’ll have to be Melon. I feel like it’s a bit more pigmented than the two other ones, and it blends a little bit better as well. I think the idea behind these Shadowlinks is brilliant, but the shadows are just not of very good quality. If you feel like trying them out anyways, they are £2,99 each.

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