Slip-ons and creepers


As you can see I bought two pairs of shoes in contrast to all the make-up I’ve bought lately. I’m really excited about both pairs; the slip-ons are obviously a trend piece and no one knows how long they will stay trendy, but I don’t really care. I wanted to get a pair because they looked like a really comfortable pair of everyday flats, and even though I absolutely love heels, I’ve been wearing flats more often the past couple of years, and I thought a pair of slip-ons would be a nice addition to my shoe collection. These are £20 (181,42 DKK – 24,31 € – 33,62 $) at Topshop and I went for the simple black crocodile patterned ones. I’ve wanted a real pair of creepers for years, but you don’t see a lot of them around the Danish stores, so ever since I got to England I’ve been on a hunt for a great pair of creepers. I’ve tried a lot of cheaper versions, but they just doesn’t fit my feet very well, so I was happy to find these at TK Maxx (which is a sort of a chain outlet store for those who didn’t know). They’re from Jeffrey Campbell’s creepers line called The Fabulous Creepers and the TK Maxx price was £39,99 (362,75 DKK – 48,60 € – 67,22 $). I love the dusty greyish blue colour and the fact that they are quite simple for being creepers which I think makes them very wearable.

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