Lace and leather

Mørkeblå lang blondekjole - H&MSort faux læder nederdel - H&M

I bought these to pieces at H&M a while ago. I think the maxi lace dress is absolutely gorgeous, and even though I have no idea when to wear it, it was too beautiful (and too cheap) to leave behind. It was only £10 (91 DKK – 12,19 € – 16,84 $) on sale. I had been looking for a (faux) leather skirt for quite a while, so I was happy to find this one and at a price of only £7 (63,70 DKK – 8,53 € – 11,79 $).

2 thoughts on “Lace and leather

    • Så må jeg desværre skuffe dig og sige, at der nok går noget tid, før du får noget at spise igen, da jeg har en masse andre indlæg, som skal laves først, men jeg arbejder på sagen 🙂

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